Surprise the woman in your life with one of these fab gifts!

Buying a present for a woman is never an easy challenge. After all, if you buy a gift which does not impress then most women will not be shy with regards to letting you know. Therefore, in order to make sure that your present is not received with a slap across the face (metaphorically speaking of course…) then why not consider one of the following top ten gift ideas for women?

1. Jewellery

What woman does not love jewellery? However, when buying jewellery make sure that you do not opt for the obvious, such as, a necklace sporting a heart pendant or a pair of pearl earrings. After all, you want to make a lasting impression, so try and be creative and go for something unique.

2. A weekend away

Remember a woman’s idea of a weekend away can be quite different to a man’s idea. Think more along the lines of a spa weekend rather than a couple of days camping in the wild.

3. A perfume

Perfume is a practical and obvious gift, however if you get the scent right then it can be one of the most impressive presents a woman can receive.

4. A book

If the person you are buying for likes to read then why not buy her a good book? Not only is this thoughtful but it is likely to be something unexpected too.

5. A personalised number plate

If your other half has her own car, a personalised number plate will always go down well and be a big surprise. Private number plates from PrimoRegistrations are cost effective and you have plenty of different options to choose from.

6. A phone case

There are so many individual, beautiful and striking phone cases available at the moment. These provide the perfect present, especially when you are having great difficulty deciding what to buy. After all, the majority of people have a phone nowadays.

7. A photo frame

A photo frame containing a picture of a special moment you both spent together is one of the most personal presents out of all the possible gift ideas for women. It shows how much you truly care.

8. Scented candles

Scented candles are one of those things that all women love but they never seem to get around to buying themselves. As long as you pick a scent which you know she likes then you are on to a winner.

9. Chocolates

If you are looking for a present which is bound to be a hit then the most obvious choice is chocolate. Everyone knows it is a woman’s guilty pleasure!

10. A gift voucher

A final option, if you are really stuck, is to buy a gift voucher for their favourite store. That way the person you are buying for can pick their own present and thus you have no chance of them ending up with something they detest.

So there you have it; the top ten gift ideas for women. Which one will you be going for?


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