Support Local Shops: #Plastic Fantastic

Tonight I have been invited to the launch of some new collections at Porta in Brighton. Now I am quite excited and these are a few reasons why.

Porta is a local shop so it’s really nice to be a guest at the launch. I love supporting independent shops and small biz.

It will be the first time I have seen the launch of a range which is not child related. Now this may seem normal to most bloggers out there but to me this shows I am being valued for my opinion not just that of one as a mum. I’m stepping out of the mummy box (although don’t get me wrong I love that tag too, it’s just not my only one).

I get to have a beer after. That’s right. A beer.

One fact you may not know is Gav and I chose our wedding bands from a local jewellery maker and they were made just for us. In fact all my jewellery is from independent little shops in Brighton. I am so looking forward to seeing the uniqueness that Porta has to offer.

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