Sumptuous Bedroom Style: Seeking Out That Soft Look

Your bedroom is a place of sanctuary, where you can get some peace and enjoy some time without the kids. Most of the time, at least. It should be somewhere you love to be so you can relax and enjoy your surroundings. Everyone has a different personality and has different ideas about what a bedroom should look like. For some, though, a bedroom needs to be as sumptuous as possible. It should be comfortable, with a luxury touch so you can feel like a queen when it’s time to go to bed – and maybe occasionally get the chance to stay there past 6 am. Here are some of my favourite elements to include in your bedroom for that sumptuous feel.


Include Comfortable Seating

Bedrooms might mostly be for sleeping (and other nighttime activities), but you use them for other things too. You can also spend time getting ready to leave the house, or lounge on the bed reading a book if you’re lucky enough to find the time. Although the bed is the main feature of the room, adding some seating can be a great choice if you’re looking for a more sumptuous feel. Try looking at some rooms and suites in luxury hotels for inspiration on this front. An upholstered armchair, sofa or loveseat can be a stylish addition to your room. You might use it to sit and relax, put your makeup on or do your hair, or just to put your clothes on.

Layer Your Bedding

Creating a sumptuous bed can take some work, but it’s worth it because the bed tends to be the focal point of the room. One way to get the look you want with your bed is to layer it with different types of bedding. You can use sheets, blankets, duvets, quilts, and bed runners to layer up the fabrics, colours, and patterns you want to use. Of course, this will often work best during the cooler months. But even in the summer, you can still create a layered look with lighter bedding that will allow you to stay cool.

Use Cushions and Throws

When you’re layering up your bed, don’t forget about using pillows and throws to add some extra layers. They can really lend a luxury touch to your bed and help you add an extra dimension. If your bed looks a little flat, a few throw pillows will immediately perk it up. You can play with different fabrics to add textures and colours. Throws can come in lots of different styles, from faux fur to chunky knits, and they can transform a bed by being artfully draped across it. They’re not just decorative items, either. A cushion is great for propping you up in bed while you’re reading, while a throw will keep you warm on cold nights.

Add a Statement Headboard

Another way to upgrade your bed is to choose a smart headboard. It draws attention to your bed, and you can choose a sumptuous design. The fabric can add a luxurious element to your bed, especially if you choose something like velvet. Upholstered beds are an interesting choice if you’re in the market for a whole new bed. You can match the headboard to the rest of the bed to make it even more impressive. You might even consider a custom bed, so you can choose the exact design and fabric you want to use.


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Go for a Dramatic Canopy Bed

If even an upholstered headboard or bed doesn’t work for you, you might want to take your bed to the next level. A four-poster or canopy bed is a fantastic choice if you want to add some drama to your bedroom. These beds can put you in mind of royalty and sprawling mansions, but you can update them a little for the present day. They can also be more affordable than you might think. Even IKEA has had four-poster style beds in the past. You can choose to have a bed with four exposed posts, which draw the eyes upwards. Or you could go for a full canopy bed with a frame and curtains. It’s an excellent way to add a luxury look to any bedroom. However, they can be quite big, so make sure you have enough space.

Add a Bench

A bench at the end of the bed is almost a requirement if you’re designing a sumptuous bedroom. Unlike an armchair or sofa, it’s not necessarily for sitting on. In fact, it’s a great place to fold your clothes or keep towels. It’s a chance to add another upholstered piece of furniture to your room too. If you don’t like the idea of a bench, you might consider a trunk or chest. You can use them for storage, which makes them ideal for putting extra bedding inside when you go to bed or put them away for the summer.


Choose Curtains Over Blinds

The key to a sumptuous bedroom is using lots of fabrics and textiles. So it makes sense to go for curtains instead of blinds when you’re deciding how to dress your windows. They can give you the luxury look you want, and you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to design and how you hang them. You can consider different lengths, thicknesses, fabrics, and colours and patterns. You don’t have to choose heavy curtains if you want to, although they can have great insulating properties. You could consider having lighter curtains for during the summer if you find thicker ones are too much.

Put Rugs or Carpeting Underfoot

Another way to add extra textiles to your bedroom is to consider what’s under your feet. Some people like to have wall-to-wall carpeting, especially in their bedroom. However, not everyone likes that because carpets can sometimes be harder to keep clean than hard floors. If you prefer to have wooden floors or something else, you could use rugs to add a softer element under your feet. Rugs come in a huge range of sizes and materials. So you could use anything from a fluffy faux-fur rug or cowhide to a large woven rug that surrounds your bed.


Pick Warm Colours

Thinking about which colours to include is an important part of designing a sumptuous bedroom. It can work well with some neutral colours, but you should try to choose warmer hues over cooler ones. For example, if you want to use grey, a slightly dark grey can give a warmer feel than a light one. You might want to use something with a bit of luxury feel, like gold or deep reds, purples, and blues. Be careful with your use of colour, though, as you might not want to make the room too dark.


Getting the lighting right will help you to balance colour in your bedroom too. If you use the right lighting, you don’t have to worry too much about it being too dark. If you’re looking for a sumptuous feel, you might choose a dramatic fixture, like a chandelier. However, you don’t have to pick something too ornate if you’re trying not to go overboard. Try placing lighting in different places, from an overhead ceiling light to wall lights, plus table and floor lamps. It’s always good to have different light sources in a bedroom because you use it for different things. You might want the lights on low in the evening, but you might also need to see while you put your makeup on.

Creating a sumptuous new bedroom will give you the perfect retreat. It’s also a great idea for your guest bedroom if you want to improvements.


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