Staying Happy And How I Do It!

Staying Happy And How I Do It!

This year my aim of the game was to have a happier life. Life is too short to feel under pressure and miss out on many special moments with the kids. So 2017 is all about staying happy for me.

I am not saying it works all the time but I try and help myself the majority of the time. I have often spoken about my anxiety and low feelings since having our third child. I have found ways that help my mental health and it has a great knock on affect for my family too.

So what have I done to help myself Stay Happy?

Try and do at least one thing a day for me. Self care is important!

Have a kiss and a cuddle with my partner. It can be easy to let intimacy go when you are a parent but YOU BOTH need it!

Speak to friends! I have a group of 3 friends who I speak to everyday as a group. We help each other up when we are down, laugh at lots of things and moan at others. Friendships are key!

Find support from professionals in the right areas. Last year I joined Supercharged Club and with small steps and heaps of support I couldn’t be without their vital help and advice.

I have two necessities for my everyday life – one is to have a bath everyday and the second is to read! I try and switch off the social media where I can as too much makes my brain a bit fuzzy.

Use suggestions cards such as these from NRS Healthcare or try the Yes Mum Affirmation cards – pick one a day and focus on how you can make that thing happen!

I also try and print off photographs for our memory boards. Our new kitchen has some boxing in and LaLaLab do amazing photo sizes that look like mini and normal polaroids! Use PGF12RI5 to get a fiver off your first purchase!

So what helps you stay happy?




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