Spare Time – Make The Most Of It!

Having free time as a parent is few and far between. We can almost class our free time as a chance to tidy up the house, do the laundry, washing up, or prepare meals for the next day. Being a parent is a full time job, we know that. In fact, it can tend to be much busier than a full time job, with our working hours being a 24 hour day. It is worth it, of course. We may not get paid in cash for the job we do, but we get paid in gratitude, love and the happiness of our children.


When parents do actually have some free time (and no, that does not mean doing the household chores), a lot of us just want to relax at home, in peace and quiet, with a good book or a TV show, and maybe a glass of wine or two. However, when free time does pop up, it is important to make the most of it and catch up with friends. This allows us to truly let our hair down, and enjoy the company of adults. You can either choose to go out, to a bar or restaurant, for example, or you can go over a friend’s house – or invite them over your place.


If you decide to invite your friends over to your home, you may want to spruce the place up a bit after it has been sieged by the children and can make it an ‘adult’ area once again. You could get a few bottles of wine or beer or refreshing soft drinks, essential snacks (we all know that pizza and crisps are always good choices) and put some relaxing, contemporary music on or even the TV on in the background. If you have invested in a Systemline multi room audio to play your music, then ensure that it is a level where everyone can hear each other and enjoy the conversation. Also ensure the music is relaxed and ambient, like some jazz or soul. Avoid bass heavy music, such as house or even rock music as this can cause a different atmosphere to the one you want.


If you are putting the TV on in the background, then, again, ensure the sound level is just right and that the channel is not going to show anything which could be off-putting and could take everyone’s attention away from the conversation. After all, this is your free time. Make the most of it by eliminating any potential conversation procrastinators.
Your free time is essential as a parent and, as such, it is very important that you take advantage of when you have got time to enjoy yourself rather than doing any more parenting jobs. If you need some time to yourself, but are struggling to find any, it may be worth asking friends or family to look after the children for a few hours or ask if the children could stay at their house for the night.


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