Snowy Walks and New Wellies

It’s not the greatest weather at the moment is it?

Well when a parcel turned up from The Original Muck Boot Company arrived for Fizz and I we couldn’t wait to wear them. We wished for snow so that we could trample in comfort.

We didn’t get as much as we wanted but it did mean we gave the boots a good old test in snow and rain.

Fizz loved that her My Little Pony Muck Boots were bright and colourful. At £49 they are a bit expensive but these are built to last and we can see them seeing her through this winter and next. They’re roomy, look cool and most importantly they kept her feet warm and safe whilst on a slippery school run.

I went for a traditional green pair of Muck Boots. These looked stylish rather than big and plastic (my old wellies were not really made to last!. They were comfy to wear as well as waterproof and warm. The trees meant I felt gripped whilst walking in snow and rain.

We were such fans of these boots we will definitely be investing in pairs for the rest of the family.



    • February 27, 2017 / 7:49 am

      We love them too, shame they don’t do grown up ones!

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