Smart Games For Smart Little People

On the lead up to Christmas we’ve been testing out some of the range from Smart Games. Smart games are one player games aimed at little ones who love to use their brain to solve puzzles. The puzzles we were sent are aimed at age 4 plus however we did play these with Jedi (2.5years) too with help.

First up was Little Red Riding Hood. This game is aimed at age 4-7. Fizz felt this was a good game but she did get bored of it quite easily. The game is more suited to a little one at reception level at school for a longer play session. 

Next we had Dinosaurs Mystic island. This is aimed at aged 6 plus but again we feel this would be perfect for a little one a bit younger. Jedi has been loving to play this one with me. He has delayed speech and so it was a great game to encourage me to talk him through it and see what he understands. Fizz did play this one too and it did feel like it was a bit older compared to our first game.

Both games were fabulous for encouraging problem solving for both children, the age range could probably be a bit younger though. The games are ideal for travel and it would be great to see the company produce a little travel bag and they feel light and easy to transport. They’re the ideal lap size for toddlers and up too.

These would be a fab little game for Christmas Day and the tinier members of the household. As you can see Beatlebum loved them too and he’s just turned 1! 


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