Sleep – issues and resolving them

Previously we have had help with our sleep issues or basically our lack of it. It really worked out well and for a few months we were all in our own beds, in our own rooms until I think it was one Sunday afternoon where mummy fancies a nap with baby cuddles. Yes we went straight back to co-sleeping and also Miss Fizz being absolutely adamant with us that our bed was her bed.

Recently we have tried different methods to try and give Miss Fizz a nice routine and environment to go to sleep in. It was decided that after Christmas we would start to implement a routine due to being away and having a lot of disruption in her little life already.

New Year came and we set a bedtime routine. We found this simple bedtime routine here

5:50pm we run a bath and leave the living room to listening to music and undress for her bath

6pm mummy and daughter have a bath, daddy sits at the side and we play with bath toys and read her bath book.

6:15pm -6:30pm we leave the bathroom, dim the bedroom lights and get ready for bed

6:40pm we have story time and the bedtime bottle – Miss Fizz loves That’s Not My Monkey and we’ll probably read it around 5 times!

7pm Bedtime – lights are dimmed to a minimum and we lay down on the futon mattress in her room and sneak out when she is asleep.

Now we know that the last step is not a good one but it has been working, she’s been sleeping, stirs at 8pm then asleep until around 2am when she comes in with mummy and daddy. Saturday night she slept until 7:40am in her own room with one wake up in the night where daddy lay with her until she drifted back off. We thought ‘this is great’ after having a whole night in our own bed and Fizz in her own room.

Sunday night came and we were hopeful for the same. Yep, you guessed it, it couldn’t have been far from it. Two wake ups – the second time she stirred again and she was crawling towards her door in her sleeping bag in a scene reminiscent of the horror film the ring. Obviously I couldn’t let her go back to sleep in her own room without that image haunting my sleep. I caved in and at 1:30am she was in with us. Trying to lay sideways with feet in my back or trying to wrap her arms and legs around us.

Complete failure on my part to keep with what we’d set out to do.

Monday at work I discuss our sleeping arrangement with a friend at work. I have been umming and arring so much about Fizz’s routine – does she need a toddler bed, is it safe for her to sleep on a futon (obviuously not after Sunday), where did it all go wrong?

And I know when discussing this where it did all go wrong and why it’s going wrong now – it’s because if we don’t have it set out as a routine my daughter will be confused about bedtime, she won’t know what’s happening and she needs us to provide her with a stable routine.

I’d love to hear your routines, what worked for you, how did you cope?

Not wanting to make this too much for you to read I’ll be blogging about deciding our routine on and how we’re getting on soon…..


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