Can I Finally Get To Sleep?

As a parent, sleep can often feel like it is the enemy! Every mum knows that life is so much harder when you just don’t have the energy to deal with their energy. In fact, it is almost impossible. And, it isn’t like you can say ‘I’m going to get a good night’s sleep tonight.’ That isn’t how sleep as a parent works! Thankfully, there are tips which will help any parent with sleeping issues finally get some sleep. The even better news is that they aren’t new age or over the top. Indeed, they are pretty low-tech. Here are my tips!

Change The Bed!

The first port of call is to check whether the bed is conducive to sleep. If the springs are poking you in the back all night, it is going to be harder to drop off for seven hours. However, if the mattress is comfortable yet firm and distributes your weight evenly, there is a better chance of a nice snooze. The Sleep Station king size divan bed, is perfect for those little visitors in the night and has enough space and comfort for everyone to have a decent nights sleep! What do you prefer on an individual basis? Is the bed big enough? Are you tailoring it to your needs, or are you listening to ‘conventional wisdom?’ For a mattress to work, you need to pick the best possible one. And, to do that, you need to research the topic until you know it inside and out.

Redecorate The Bedroom

Your bed is just one facet of a sleep-friendly bedroom. To get the best results, the entire room needs to be on point. That means it’s essential to focus on the mattress and move onto the next job. What’s the next task? It’s to redecorate! As it turns out, a boudoir renovation affects sleeping patterns as it can reduce the light in the room and make you more comfortable. Plus, there is also the heat factor which becomes a problem in the summer. Because this is a low-key guide, there is no need to break out the sledgehammer. Instead, opt for a paintbrush or a roller and change the colour scheme. Then, take down the blinds and install new, thick blackout curtains in their place. Also, don’t forget to make sure that the air conditioner works.

Don’t Overexert

The bedroom is for sleeping, among other things. But, it’s also a place where people like you like to watch TV or catch up on tomorrow’s workload. Although it doesn’t appear like a negative impact, it isn’t good for the body. High-key activities only encourage the body to wake up and concentrate on the task. This lowers the amount of melatonin in the bloodstream and inevitably stops you from sleeping. The trick is to try activities like meditation or to listen to quiet music. That way, there is no need to overexert yourself before you go to bed. Prayer is also another technique even if you’re not very religious. It isn’t about connecting with God – it’s about taking your mind off your inability to sleep.

Don’t Take Naps?

There are two schools of thought that are worth considering regarding napping. The first is that a nap during the day prevents sleep at night as it makes you less tired. Instead of wanting to drop off, the odds are that you’ll be more alert and less likely to get to bed at a decent hour. The other theory is that napping can be a good aid in the war against insomnia. A power nap is usually enough to revitalise the body and get you through the rest of the day. And, it shouldn’t take away from your night’s sleep if you follow certain rules. For example, don’t nap for more than thirty to forty minutes. Also, don’t go to bed later because you have had a nap. Instead, maintain your routine and catch up over the course of a day or two.


Hopefully, these tips will help you deal with insomnia and start every day as you mean to continue.


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