Simple Ways to Help a New Parent

When you become a parent for the first time, your whole world turns upside down. No matter how much you read up ahead of time and plan in advance, nothing can really prepare you for having the little bundle of joy in your arms. As cute as they are, they do take a lot of work. And as any new mom knows, as well as being full of joy, it can be quite tiring as you deal with sleepless nights and dealing with all the things that come with having a baby. Once the initial stage is over, it will probably come as no surprise that it can become quite overwhelming for some. Motherhood can feel you leaving a little isolated in some cases, especially when your partner goes back to work, and the initial newborn bubble is over. 

There is some good news though, as there are plenty of things that you can do for a friend or family member after they have had a baby, in order to help them. Just a few simple things, that won’t be a big deal to you, can be such a help to any new mom. So with that in mind, here are some of the simple and easy things that you can do to help a new mom friend in need. You can do a lot to help them to feel less isolated and help them to adjust into their new way of living. 

Something Sweet

In between the diapers and sleepless nights, your friend is unlikely to be able to get out as quickly and easily as she might want. So taking over one of their favorite treats can be much welcomed. If you’ll be driving past their home, why not call in with a warm Starbucks latte or a candy bar that they love? Of course, check if they have any specific restrictions or requirements. If you used to meet up for a hot chocolate and cake before she had the baby, then why not take the tradition to her? Just treat them special. It doesn’t have to take much time, but it can make their day.

Make Dinner

No matter how much the baby has cried or how little sleep they may have had, your friend and their family will still need to eat. But when you’re exhausted or in pain, one of the last things on your mind is going to be thinking about what is for dinner, let alone shopping for groceries. So one thing that you can do, that will be simple for you, is to make up some extra food when you’re making food for your family. Then you can just drop it off and they have it as an option whenever they need. If cooking isn’t your thing, then you could always order in a takeaway for them, rather than cook yourself. It is a simple thing that can make a big difference. 

Do the Chores

After having a new baby, your friend is going to be in some pain, there is no getting away from that. And just imagine if they’ve had a c-section; they will have a longer recovery. But as we know, life goes on, and things still to be done around the house. Dusting, laundry, and cleaning all still needs to be done, especially doing laundry with a new baby. There will be a lot of laundry to do with a new baby. So what you can do to help is to go in and get on with some chores in the house. You could offer to do some of the laundry or just run the hoover around the house. Some people can feel precious about their homes, so you shouldn’t just turn up. But get in touch, let them know what you want to do to help, and then you can go from there.


On a similar note, when mom is the only one at home, then it can feel like they can’t put the baby down sometimes, and things like chores can take a step back, among other things! So if you have some time to help them to watch the baby, then it will allow them to do things like going for a nap, do some cleaning, some cooking, exercise, or just sit with you and talk and enjoy a drink that is actually hot. Plus, if they have a congested baby then it can be hard as well, especially if they haven’t been able to get a lot of sleep. So just being there for them and helping them out can be really helpful and give them a bit of a break. It will vary from person to person, but you could always babysit so they can have a date night. When they’re ready to do that, then it will be helpful to have a willing babysitter ready to go.

Help to Capture Memories

In the new mom fog and haze, there can be some things that get forgotten, that you know they will want to have done later down the line. So why not help them out with that? It might be that you help them with filling in their baby book, or perhaps you’re handy with a camera to help them with capturing some memories or a photo for a birth announcement, for example? These days can feel long, but they do pass by quickly, so your friend will appreciate the help with all of this.

Being able to help your friend can do great things for your friendship. Just make sure that you check ahead on things, rather than just turning up (unless you have a close enough relationship where you feel like you can do that). There can also be some darker sides to motherhood, such as feeling low and even experiencing some postnatal depression. If you keep in touch with your friend or family member regularly, then you will be much more likely to notice if they are experiencing any of that. So keep things simple, but keep in touch and help where you can. 


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