Simple ways to create a workspace in your home

As a mum, the line between work and family life can get very blurred indeed. These days, with more of us working from home than ever before trying to keep the two separate can be almost impossible. That’s why if you do work from home you should always try and create a dedicated workspace.

Separation is key

If you do have a spare room then that’s always an ideal place for a workspace or home office. However, we know that not everyone is blessed with a room going spare. However, try and find a space that has some separation. You’ll want a decent desk space to have a laptop or desktop as well as a printer. Think about where you’ll store alI your work – notebooks and Canon ink cartridges from Printer Ink will all need a home.

Peace and quiet

Your workspace needs to have some peace and quiet – a luxury we know – but we can but try. Try and make it as far away from the bustling main part of the house as possible. Again, separation is key. Trying to work in the same room the kids are watching telly in, is almost impossible.

Light and design

Try and make your workspace as pleasant as possible. Light the area well and preferably locate it somewhere with a natural light source. Make it a nice place to be and make sure it’s not too hot or cold. A space conducive to work is a comfortable one so make it as calm and light as possible.


A work space that you can’t get to because of all the mess is not an ideal place to work. Try and stay on top of your organisation and make sure you have adequate storage space for everything you need. If your workplace is a nice area to be in, and not littered with paper and rubbish, you are more likely to get some good work done in there. By keeping it clean, tidy and neat you will be able to work more efficiently and will be less likely to put work off.


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