Simply Share The Love This Valentines

With our 10th anniversary just last week we don’t plan to go over the top for Valentine’s Day. In fact a while ago we made a pact to keep things simple.

With babysitters in demand we have just felt that it’s easier t do our own thing and to do it simple.

So when Swizzles sent us some of their limited Love Heart Emoji tins this was something that fits into our small and simple remit for the day. The tins are £2.99 from most retailers. They come with mini packets of the sweets in to give your best friend or your partner.

Fizz, aged 9, wanted to share the love too so she chose to decorate one of the tins for her best friends at school while I decided to turn the emoji eyes into hearts. We decorated the tins with metallic pens to stand out! Those means the crafting was relatively mess free too.

I love the idea of more personalised gifts and other things we do are write a poem in cards, make our own cards or sit down for dinner and share a bottle of wine once the children are in bed. Often the simple gestures are the most treasured ones!

What will you be doing this Valentines?


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