Shhhh … New Secrets For A Great Nights Sleep


It’s no secret that we aren’t getting enough sleep. Regardless of whether you are an adult or a child, we all seem to be suffering from sleep issues and it is playing havoc with our health and our relationships.


Children are going to hell with sleep deprivation and teachers are witnessing the effects, with more young people than ever suffering from a lack of concentration and showing the signs of poor quality sleep, it is becoming more apparent that our children’s education is really suffering because of it.  


You know what it is like when you don’t get enough sleep, you become short tempered and problem-solving seems almost impossible. You eat bad food because you are too tired to cook and it just creates a vicious circle as bad food leads to poor quality sleep. There are a few new ways we can improve our sleep, though, so let’s take a little look at a few of the best-kept secrets to a superb sleep.


Firstly, you need to start with your equipment and by this, we are talking about your mattress. Many of us buy a mattress and think that is it, we continue to sleep on it as the years go by and don’t ever consider it might have a best before date. Your mattress, if it is seven years old, is now out of date. It is time to get a new one! This time, though, forget the old techniques we used to understand, there are some new kids in town when it comes to the most comfortable night’s sleep. is one of them, a gorgeous mattress made with sheep wool for a really soft and organic experience. You could also consider a memory foam mattress which will give you amazing support. The first step to better sleep for all of the family lies within your mattress.



There are a few great sleeping apps on the market but one of the best is, this is a really handy little app which will help you to monitor your sleep and make notes on your routines. It can be used by the children too, you simply pop it on the side table by their bed and turn it on. Then you can check out the quality of their sleep, what time they are getting to bed and if there are any foods which are keeping them awake at night. Food allergies could be one of the things that prevent us from falling into a deep sleep so use the app to take notes on what you have eaten and when. It is a great way of picking up any patterns.


Finally, an ultrasonic diffuser which uses aromatherapy oils could help improve your sleep at night too. Using oils to relax you and keep you calm, the diffuser will purify the air you breathe in whilst sleeping. They can be really beneficial for young children with dust allergies too.


Give these tips a go and see if it helps you get a better sleep.


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