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Leni & Me is a beauty and lifestyle blog created by one writer Kayleigh and her Bichon Frise puppy. Their favourite things? Cuddles, granola, lipstick, the beach and tummy tickles. Local Brighton gals, Leni and her puppy momma are often found walking along the seafront, sipping strong coffees or pretending to have their own cooking show in their kitchen at home. Their blog posts always feature a cheeky, candid snap of Leni and some useful beauty tips, yummy recipes and puppy-related talk. This week she’s sharing her saturday soundtrack!

Leni and me by the rockpools
Budapest – George Ezra

I love this song. The beat, the rhythm, the voice. It’s got soul and love and simplicity; everything I appreciate in a song. This is the song I’d put on whilst cooking poached eggs on toast.

Downtown – Macklemore ft Ryan Lewis

This is one of those feel good songs that works well in the shower. Picture; you’re in the bathroom, the acoustics are great, you start to seriously consider auditioning for X Factor and this song is going to be the one that’ll get you through to the live shows. Deluded I know, but it’s got a really old-school vibe I love.

Wicked Games – The Weekend

His voice is pure velvet and I love the attitude of this song. This song makes me feel like I’m on my way to a really cool bar, driving a Lambo. In reality I’m heading to Co-Op to fetch some milk, in my Converse.

Walking With Elephants – Shakka ft Frisco remix

Please just listen to this song. Maybe I’m doing my Saturday morning chores, who cares, this song makes it all okay.

Black Magic – Little Mix

Little Mix – Love Me Like You/Black Magic (The… by besfordkastrati
From Shakka to Little Mix…this is another great Saturday song. I actually first fell in love with it when they performed on X Factor. They started with another song then ripped half their clothes off and performed Black Magic. It was every teenage boys dream and even I, a 26 year old female, could appreciate their girl power performance. At the time, Perrie had recently broken up with Zayne and it confirmed everything I already knew about men; I’ll never understand them.

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