Saturday Soundtrack // Week 4

It’s time for that part of the week where we dance around the kitchen or living room showing the kids the best music choices from out past. This week we have Kimberley from Spin those discs DJ!w

Far Side Of The World by Tide Lines

Our life is a bit of a walking Scottish stereotype at times, and this fits right in to that. It’s a good one for waking me up when I’m feeling a bit sluggish first thing, and always gets us moving. Even Piglet can be heard saying “Hey Oogle – play Tide Lines” when he gets in to the kitchen!

Jiggle It by Young Leek

This is a major throwback to my school and uni days – but I can’t help but dance when this comes on! I don’t know if it’s just due to nostalgia or whether it’s down to the song itself, but something always draws me back to it.

Baby Shark

Let’s be honest – we were all thinking it! I don’t even like it, yet every time I hear it I’m compelled to dance! I love that it’s one I’m guaranteed to have at least 1 mini dance partner for, and it’s a sure fire way to diffuse any situation and get the kids attention.

Car Wash by Christina Aguilera 

Aside from the fact it comes from a great film, it reminds me of a playlist I listened to on the train a lot when I was a university. It does get played half as much these days, but I still love it. 

You’re My Best Friend by Queen

This was our first dance song and, although its a bit slow for a kitchen dance, I am always on my feet when it’s on. I like to pick one of the boys up and dance with them to this song, which of course they love. It’s a classic and I’m fairly sure it’ll stay on our playlist forever.

You can go and chat to Kimberley about her choices here:






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