Saturday Soundtrack // Week 3

Saturday is the perfect day for dancing around the kitchen to some great tunes. Who doesn’t like to celebrate the start of the weekend with a boogie? This week we have Jo from A Rose Tinted World choosing her favourite 5. Spin those tunes DJ!

Born To Be Alive – Patrick Hernandez

As a 70s child I am a true lover of all things DISCO. But this song has to be one of the most disco songs out there. It reminds me of some great childhood holidays. Most summers we went over to Bridlington on the East Yorkshire coast. The local pub had a massive beer garden, with lots of games and a playground for the kids. It was always rammed. And this song was on the jukebox all the time. Happy days and lovely memories.

Don’t Leave Me This Way – The Communards

This song was also from the disco era, but the Communards brought their version out in the mid 80s. It was really popular at my school, and so it reminds me of some good times spent there. Back in those days, lots of us had massive battery operated beatboxes that we carried around all over.On one memorable occasion though, this tune was playing incredibly loudly upstairs on the double decker school bus going home.We were all dancing so wildly that the bus almost went over, going onto 2 wheels as it went round a bend. The driver went ape, and turfed everyone off. A great tune that still gets me dancing.

Groove Is In The Heart – Dee Light

This is a proper early 90s song, and takes me right back to being up in Newcastle at Uni. We had some amazing nights out, and the local nightclub was a boat on the Tyne that had a revolving dance floor. I lost so many bits of jewellery in the mayhem. There was also some fabulous music about. The Happy Mondays, the Shamen and James were all in the charts. But this was and probably always will be one of my favourite dance tracks. It is such a happy song with such a cool vibe.

The Tamperer (Featuring Maya) – Can You Feel It

This song also has its origins in Disco. In the 90s, when I got back back to Leeds from Uni, there were lots of songs in the charts that used backing tracks of old songs. This one has “Can You Feel It” by the Jackson 5 as its base, with a heavy drum, bass and vocal on top. A brilliant dance track, it reminds me of some great nights out with friends when I had a bit more money in my pocket. And as a newly qualified dentist I used to dance around my surgery with one of my nurses to this track.

September – Cast of Trolls (Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick)

If I am dancing around my kitchen, there is no way that my little girl isn’t there too. She loves to dance. One of her favourite films is Trolls. As a disco fiend, it made me so happy to find that I knew most of the music already. This is a 70s Earth Wind and Fire classic brought right up to date. My little girl is happy because she knows it, I am happy as it feels like I can share my love of disco with her. And who isn’t happy when you hear this tune?

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