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Leslie is a mum of 2 year old Dexter and 6 week old Paisley. She blogs at Messy blog writing mainly about pregnancy, parenting and play with the odd recipe and review thrown in for good measure. She can regularly be found elbow deep in paint and glue which she normally shared pictures of on her facebook  page or she’ll be out in the garden playing with the bugs. It’s time for her Saturday Soundtrack!

Track 1 – Darius Rucker – It won’t be like this for long.

I absolutely love this song and its lyrics are so true. One of the reasons I blog is to capture and document my children’s lives. Weeks pass by in what seem like just minutes and before you know it, you’re children are grown. The only upside to that is when you have one of those really testing moments when you’re pacing the floor at 3am with a baby that just wont stop crying and another thats been sick all week and you smell and your hair is greasy and you’d give anything to be able to sleep.. It wont be like this for long. Those moments pass quickly too. I saw Darius Rucker live at the o2 a couple of years ago and I cried when he sang this song. It’s well worth a listen.
Track 2 –  Del Amitri – Nothing Ever Happens

This is one of those songs that you just don’t hear often enough. It’s lyrics telling a story that ultimately we are all living. Yes our days are individual to us but ultimately we are all the same, doing the same thing every day. Even when tragedies happen, we dust ourselves off and carry on. “They’ll burn down the synagogues at 6 o clock and we’ll all go along like before” Well that’s what I take from it anyway. would be interested to know what everyone else thinks.
Track 3 – Kacey Musgraves – Follow your arrow

 I absolutely LOVE Kacey Musgraves and her song writing is on point every time. “You’re damned if you do, damed if you don’t” This song is basically about following the path that s right for you you and not paying any mind to what others think. There are times when I let other people get to me but on a whole I think this is a great philosophy to live by. You only live once, make it count. Forget about the haters and naysayers and do what you want to do. Please listen to the lyrics, she says it so much better than me!
Track 4 – Coldplay – Green Eyes

Next on saturday soundtrack I’ve chosen a song with such simple lyrics but one I think has a lovely sentiment. It’s about love and support and how being with that special person makes things easier and better just for having them there. Not much needs to be said on this one.
Track 5 – MGMT – Time to Pretend.

Totally not your average wedding song on saturday soundtrack but we had this as our song as we walked out. Every time I hear this it makes me smile and brings back a million and one memories and every single one of them happy! Nothing to do with the lyrics, it’s just a song that’s often been on during good times and so it’s stuck. This is ‘our song’. Instant mood brightener and perfect for ending this list on 🙂

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