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Hi! I’m Kate. I’m one half of a same sex family and love nothing more than whacking the radio on after sticking the kettle on. I’m pretty proud of how eclectic our music collection is, however it can often lead to quite a bit of time choosing (and arguing over) the music.
Here’s this weeks saturday soundtrack :-
#1. System of a Down – Bounce
This is a corker and never fails to get me going. A bit crazy, but who cares?

#2. James Bay – Hold back the River.
One of my favourites, this takes me back to T’s early days as it was always on on the radio. My little bit of gentle. 

#3. Macklemore – Can’t Hold Me.
Don’t bother trying to sing along, it’s likely you won’t keep up – just dance along and enjoy. 

#4. Sia – Chandelier.
Unlike the previous song, I would highly recommend you sing along to this one. Seen the video? Now try and dance along!

#5. Batman vs. Superman Soundtrack – Wonder Woman Theme.
My weekend isn’t often complete without listening to this at least once. It’s fierce and really makes you feel like a warrior. 

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  1. September 17, 2016 / 11:19 am

    Thank you so much for having us – I absolutely love these posts. Us bloggers really do have such an eclectic taste in music!

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