SATS, School and How To Help Your 7 Year Old

Last year Fizz sat her first lot of educational testing (KS1 SATS)and although I am not keen on this at all of course I wanted to be able to help her as much as possible.

At 8 she’s a sponge when it comes to school and we are very lucky that our school are quite open to keeping the children as stress free as possible. It’s hard because class sizes are large (30 per class) and there seems to be less and less learning by play. At home we try not to enforce sitting down and try and learn as we go. We are quite laid back when it comes to learning, but we are lucky that Fizz is very proactive too.

However I do sometimes feel the need to check in on what she is learning, of course if I ask her she’s all ‘I don’t remember’. It can often be worrying as a parent and we have thought should the need arise that a tutor would be a perfect way to help our children.

Now that Jedi is in school as well we are increasingly aware of how different our kids are when it comes to learning and their personal way of dealing with the school process. As parents it can feel quite hard at knowing how to sit down and work through homework or additional learning at the right speed and also the right way.

Some things that work for us:

Making sure we take time at the end of the school day to speak to the teacher. This helps us gauge how our child is feeling after a day at school. If they’re tired or grumpy it’s not the ideal time to make them sit down for an educational activity.

Make learning fun. We incorporate things like counting steps, discussing topics on the way to school when we are all less tired.

We also try and plan in some adventure time to learn. A trip to the Sealife centre or the beach are ideal to learn about nature/cause and affect. We talk about the solar system, new moons and the full moon a lot too.

There is always a way to feel more confident teaching our children. A tutor is a great addition should you need the confidence boost too!



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