Safe ways to hang Christmas lights from your roof

It may still be November, but you can never start prepping for the big day too early, especially if you’re a mum. If you’re an organised mum who just can’t wait to get into the Christmas spirit with the kids, you may already have the tree up and have been blasting Mariah Carey for weeks. 

You might not need to hang the stocking upon the fireplace, but what you should really think about when hanging Christmas lights is safety, especially with those excitable little Christmas elves running around the place. 

We’ve put together a quick guide and some tips on how to hang your Christmas lights safely. Read on to find out more…

Connect to perfect 

Installing a safely switch and testing it beforehand can give you a good indicator of how brightly your lights will shine at Christmas. As far as the plugs go, you should make sure your extension cables are weatherproof and that you unwind any cables to their full extent, as this will prevent overheating. 

Check before you deck 

Before you start hanging your lights, make sure you spend a little time checking the plugs and bulbs. 

First of all, plug them in and see what happens. If you have any burnt-out bulbs, get rid of them and replace! Also check the wires to see if any are frayed. If this is the case, throw them away! Wires in such a bad condition can cause an electrical short and potentially start a fire.  

Always use a ladder

This might sound like a pretty obvious one, but it could just take one slip of misjudgement and thinking you could be alright for it to all go wrong. No-one likes a trip to A&E at Christmas! 

Make sure your ladder is on a solid, flat surface and that you can reach the highest point without having to stand on the top step. If possible, always ask someone to hold the ladder for you as this will also improve safety. Oh, and don’t do it in heels!

Hang out in a cool place

Make sure when choosing where to hang your lights that you opt for the safest place. It is best to avoid hanging your lights in a place that is likely to gather heat, as this can lead to a fire. Choose somewhere cool and secure, such as a roof. 

Obviously, it is necessary to hang your lights out of reach of children. Make sure you fasten them securely, so they aren’t blown off by blustery winds. It may also be worth checking out roofing companies in the North East that can further advise you on the safety and strength of your roof.  

Once it’s all over, with Santa having been, the tree taken down and the box of Quality Street left full of wrappers, you should remember to store your lights away properly, winding them up neatly and using a suitable container that will prevent water damage and pest invasion. 

May your Christmas lights be merry, bright… and safe!


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