Review // The Worry Wizard

At 7 Fizz is getting more aware of the world around her and with that brings the emotion of worrying up for her. It can be hard to get children to not shrug off any questions with ‘fine’ or ‘ok’ and as a parent I know how difficult it can be to get your own child to open up to you without them feeling nervous for sharing.

We have always allowed Fizz the space to talk about whatever she wants with us and she has up until this school year. I think worry is one of those emotions that peaks around this age too. She is more aware of behaviours and also there are a range of new experiences and emotions she is feeling. School, her age and gender awareness all contribute to this.

The Worry Wizard is a fab little book that is easy to read and share with your child. The character Jack learns how to have the courage to share his worries. It is often the case that through reading and journalling that Fizz is able to discuss what is on her mind. We all know that it is sometimes harder to say out loud and admit our feelings so it is great to see a company looking at the wellbeing of our children and how we can help them to talk through what is bothering them.

For a while now I have taken Fizz out of school for a day if I think she needs a mental health day. With so much going on, and SATS this year I think this book can help play a vital role in reaching out to our children and letting them know they’re important as is their mental health and wellbeing.

Do you let your child have mental health days off school?


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