Review // RCA by Venturer Saturn

I have been working away from home more often recently and so carrying my bigger laptop around while also doing a school and nursery run is not ideal. I wanted something affordable as it wouldn’t be my main work laptop but something enough that I can complete assignments on the go.

The Venturer Saturn Pro was sent to me after doing some work for a client and it seemed the perfect tablet/laptop for me to work with on the go or around the kids as it’s literally pick up and open to use. You can password protect it too so if you have little hands around then they can’t log in and see all your work stuff.

It is a similar size to a notebook at 10.1 inches, however is can either be a tablet or a laptop so it has a dual functionality depending on what I need it for. I find this such a good idea. I have had a tablet with a bluetooth keyboard too and they never feel quite right. This slots into place and feels like a notebook computer. Detaching is simply pulling the tablet off the stand. The tablet figures it all out for you in terms of if you are using the keypad or not. The keypad is a smaller then usual keypad, on par with a notebook, so do expect some getting used to the size.

It has a 32gb memory which isn’t an issue for me as I store files in and only really need to have apps open to work online. But you can extend the memory with a memory card which I know will be welcome for those that need to do more.

It really is ideal for me and I think this is probably more geared towards a teen or someone like me that needs it to access work on the go. It won’t replace my trusty Mac but it is a great little piece of kit for £129 and I would be tempted to get one for Fizz when she starts secondary school.

You can get the Venturer Saturn 10 from Asda for £129.99.