Review // The Great British Sewing Machine

I remember fondly being at school and doing home classes that included using a sewing machine. I loved to make gift bags and be able to fix the hems on trousers as well and so when we were offered a sewing machine for review I hoped that Fizz would start to make things with as much enthusiasm too.

The machine is a miniature size sewing machine which makes it perfect for tweens, like Fizz, who want to get their craft on and making dolls or their own clothes. I think a bigger machine might be a bit daunting especially as a starting machine so this is a perfect size for her.

The sewing machine was a bit fiddly to set up and I did have some difficulty with the spools and remember what goes where but we got there.

A plus for me is that it can be both battery powered and plug powered. This means that we can have it at Fizz’s bedroom desk and no cables. We can also set it up in the kitchen without the need to be right next to a plug socket.

The kit came with a clutch bag design to make but first we fixed those school trouser hems. This felt a good starter practice for Fizz too!

Over all I think this would make a lovely present for a crafty kid this Christmas and at £43 on Amazon at the moment. It’s suitable from age 6.

Features Include:

Features 2 speed settings, safety guard, foot pedal and mains plug. Includes: Starter sewing machine, foot pedal, mains adaptor, instructions, accessories tin, 1 measuring tape, 1 Spare machine needle, 1 Needle threader, 3 Bobbins, 3 Spools and 1 Thimble. It really is a starter kit with everything you need to start crafting.


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