Review // The Brug

If you’re like me and have a larger family then you’ll know that standard rugs or play blankets just aren’t big enough. Step in the invasive Brug by Wunderlife!

The Brug is a fab cross between a bag and a rug making super portable as well as useful. We have used this mostly as a play rug over the last two weeks but I also think it is going to be amazing for us come the warmer weather for picnics as it converts into  bag so even without the security of a buggy to pop it under it’s easy to carry about.

What I like about the brug is you can use it so many ways – it’s perfect for messy play as well as a dedicated play space – bung it in the wash and it’s good to go again. We love it for indoor picnics too!

With the kids getting toys etc I love a practical and usable family present and this is a perfect gift for a growing family like ours for indoor and outdoor activity. I can see it travelling with us throughout the year. Plus it’s super stylish so I don’t mind popping it on my arm and heading out!

I think it would also be perfect for families that are lego fanatics as a great way to play and store!

The Brug was sent to us for review and retails at £49.99 which is great value considering the many uses it has. I am buying one for a present for relatives this winter too as I think it’s definitely the most practical present you could buy. You can buy it here.

What would you use yours for?


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