Review // Supplements from Genessence

If like me you have a sluggish feeling and want to feel brighter going into summer then supplements could help. The lovely folk at Genessence sent me a few of their supplements to boost my gut health and my general wellbeing earlier this year. I decided to give them the full time sue before writing this blog to see how my general health had changed.

My favourite of the 2 supplements they gave me was the Papaya Leaf and Live Bacteria. This one I have consistently taken and it really did have a good impact on my general health. We all know someone who suffers with bloating and uncomfortable stomach problems. I had really bad IBS problems before falling pregnant and this would have been a great supplement to know about then when the problems were at their worst.

This supplement helps break down gluten (we all know we probably have too much in our diet!) and helps reduces those horrible stomach problems we also get more of as we age. I would definitely say to give this a try, my system felt less sluggish and it really did help me feel less heavy.

If you want to learn more about your health and how to maintain a good level of energy, overall health or a specific problem then do ask your Dr before taking supplements.


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