Review // Strictlybriks

The boys love a good building toy so when we were sent Strictlybriks they couldn’t wait to get started on building all sorts of things. The brisk are really robust and easy to build with for little hands.

I thought I would share a few things we built with them.

Jedi wanted to replicate a school trip to the i360. He put bricks on a platform and built upwards until he got to the viewing platform. As you can see he was pretty pleased with his effort.

As Jedi is a 4 year old and his educational environment is now more formal he also used the bricks to transfer what he is learning in phonics at school. He kept coming up to me with letters he has made and feeling quite proud when he built an I for his sisters name!

Beatlebum also loved building with this set. He is 16 months younger than his brother so he is very much at that build then destry age. Thankfully the bricks are robust enough to withstand a toy hammer and screwdriver here and there too!

So that is just a few things we have made. What do you think your little ones would make with them?


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