Review // StikBots in Space

Fizz is a lovely of making videos so when she was sent the Stikbot Space station (£19 on Amazon) to make and review it was seemed like a great half term project. The set came and it included one Stikbot and all we needed to make a space station.

The box comes with all you need to make your own animations. However there is a lot of making going on and I have to admit that we haven’t got around to making any animations yet! No glue, no scissors and not much mess so that was a win for me!

Fizz found the instructions easy to follow and has managed to make most of the space set herself with little help. As she wants to do this herself it has meant delays have happened as she has spaced out making the kit up.

She has really enjoyed it so far though and has nearly completed the set which will enable her to make space themed animations. I think we will be buying a couple of extra figures though as the set only comes with one space explorer.

Having downloaded the app (free and a few seconds of time) we are almost ready to go. The app seems fairly easy to use and the stop motion seems simple enough too. My only worry is the time needed to produce a full video but I am sure over summer we will get the knack of it!

The Stikbot range is such a fun activity and I would definitely recommend these for a gift but maybe for the older kids. At 8 Fizz did get bored early but I think over the summer it might be the perfect activity! I am hoping this is a project she’ll want to revisit and have fun with again soon.





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