Review // Smart Globe Myth Edition

As the nights are getting darker we have been talking a lot more about the moon and stars. We can see Venus from our balcony at night now, glowing orange and it has meant that the children are picking up on what goes on around the world. My new found love of following the moon cycles has also helped. So when Smart globes offer to send us a globe of our choice it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.


We chose the Myth globe. It is a 2 in 1 globe that is a night light, shows the constellations and also a globe. It also tells stories of the myths and constellations as well as some well know fairy tales like Rapunzel and Goldilocks (to name just a few).

The globe is aged at aged 5 and perfectly aimed at Jedi as he has just started school. I will say though this really is geared towards a family experience too. We have been using it around tea time when it is dark enough to have the light on. The kids favourite bit is seeing all the constellations and talking about them.

The Smart Globe, available from Amazon, is a great educational tool as well as a fun activity for the whole family. I love the fact the volume is controllable so if you are using it at bedtime for story time it can be quieter. You can also pause and skip through the stories if there is a certain favourite tale.

The globes do come with an interactive app which brings a whole new level to learning and is great for older more curious children.

Overall this is such a good product. I feel that its ideal educational gift for Christmas and is quite affordable at £39.99 for a bigger gift.

You can visit the Oregon Scientific website here.


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