Review // Sleepy On The Toddlepod

A couple of months ago we were sent a Toddlepod. Our Poddlepod was a godsend those first few months for daytime naps and after FrogleT grew too big for it we passed it onto my sister.

When it arrived we thought we would use it pretty much as we did before but in fact the Toddlepod was so useful for more that just naps.

For example

Froglet will lay down next to Fizz in it and drink his milk.

 We have some TV time and it’s a comfy space for him to lay while I can make lunch or tidy up. Fizz uses it occasionally to watch TV or read in.

When Froglet had a cold it was the perfect place for him to sleep on as it kept his head raised

When transitioning to his cot this has been easier because of a familiar place to sleep. A cot bed can seem huge at 8 months (going from our Snuzpod) and so this helps that move.

It’s also a great place to create a toy barrier with on our play mat!

The Toddlepod is £49.99 and is usable from 6 to 36 months.


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