Review // Skip Hop Zoo Little Kids Backpack

We were recently sent some gorgeous fun backpacks for the boys to take to Victorious festival this month. We wanted something light enough for them to carry with practical elements such as a bottle holder and room for a spare set of clothes. They also had to be super easy to spot as well!

We got sent Bailey Bat for Jedi and Cody Chameleon for Beatlebum – Fizz already has a Skip Hop bag and as it’s still going strong after 4 years it really is a testament to how long they last which also means we have brand loyalty too!

These back packs are lovely and not much has changed since we had their backpack a few years ago. The straps are perfectly padded for the boys height with adjustable straps to ensure the perfect comfortable fit. One of the things I have noticed with other backpacks is that the kids won’t wear them unless they are well padded across the shoulders and tightened to their size.

The colours are so vibrant that the Skiphop brand always stands out. It means that if you’re going on adventures your kit is perfectly visible and if a kid roams a bit they are easy to spot – I know that that will be a relief to many parents on holidays or in the school playground.

The bags are roomy enough for 3 sets of clothes for the boys but also has a handy bottle holder on the side as well. This means it’s perfect for day trips, overnighters and festivals as you can fit in everything you need for at least the day!

In the front pouch you can fit snacks in but we have used it for 3 nappies and a pack of wipes so it’s an ideal alternative to a change bag once the kids are toddlers!

Overall we are really pleased with these bags and we have already taken them on a few adventures already!

So tell me how would you use yours and what is your favourite character from the Skiphop range?


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