Review // Skip Hop Duo Change Bag

I’d never thought of upgrading my previous change bag, after all I’d used it for my first born and had continued to make use of it as the years passed so we had got used to each other and did not consider making a change (not pun intended) when our second came along. However when I first saw the Skip Hop Duo Backpack I knew it was time, not only does it look good it also has a few features my previous bag was missing such as straps to attach to the buggy which I wanted to give me a spare hand again -perhaps more important with two children to manage now!
When the Duo arrived I was immediately impressed with the quality of the material used, it feels like it’ll last. The main pocket is large and although it did not come with a separate smaller change bag as some other brands do it does have inner pockets were you have a change mat (included) and two smaller pockets you can use for nappies/ wipes. You can then use the remainder of this area for whatever you wish – I’ve often put my supplies in here for both children and myself, it is large enough for a child’s lunch box and a large toy, but if you’re not worrying about what snacks your older child might need then there there is plenty of room for all of baby’s clothes/ toys/ bottles in here. There are also two smaller pockets on the front which I chose to use for spare clothes, a comfort toy and small essentials I might need like tissues and hand sanitiser. Another feature is two side netted pockets which I regularly use for items I need to access quickly such as a drink for me or my keys – they are very handy. At first I wasn’t sure everything I used to carry would all fit in comparison to the previous bag but the Duo did manage comfortably.
So now my bag is packed I tested it, and I really tested it. You name a generic daily task you complete and I’ve probably done it. We have travelled with it, done the school run, gone shopping, walked the dog, gone to parties and play dates. I’ve had it on the buggy, under the buggy, on my back… in all weathers. I did consider whether there would be a comfortable striding space with the bag attached to the buggy but have to say that this must have been considered at the product design stage as the strapping attaches to the buggy in such a way that allows the base of the bag to tilt towards the buggy to give your legs plenty of room, even my 6ft partner was pleased.
Something I never considered before however was what I would do with my change bag in a dubiously cleaned baby change area in a motorway service station, I would always try to balance it at the cleanest position I could and then struggle to get everything I needed out to change the baby before making the quickest exit I could – with the Duo this problem was solved as it was attached to the buggy and. ore importantly it gave me my hands back to get on with the job at hand. I could open it whilst it was still attached to the buggy and have access to everything without having to take it off from the nice, clean buggy it was attached to. It was a revelation and I knew I’d never go back to my old change bag after this.
I have to say I am impressed and it has never let me down. I may not have never thought of upgrading initially but since using the Duo I haven’t look back once.

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