Review // Sing Along With JoJo Siwa

Fizz has been singing to us since day dot. She is definitely a born entertainer and is already putting plans into place for her band. She loves to talk about all the different roles in her band and how when she is older the money will be split equally between all band members (this is after a discussion about how the Beatles split their cash). Needless to say with a musical dad she is developing a love too.

We learn a lot from Fizz about ‘new’ music and we know that she loves JoJo Siwa. Her song Boomerang is a great anti bullying anthem and Fizz follows JoJo on instagram often tagging her or private messaging her asking her questions.

Fizz was thrilled to have some JoJo Siwa goodies sent to her in the post and has been getting her Diva on with her Microphone. The JoJo Siwa Microphone, RRP £14.99, has a few preset phrases as well as Boomerang already on it so you can sing along straight out of the box. Fizz loved that she can play her phone’s music through the microphone too. The microphone lights up and features music mode, microphone mode and MP3 mode. This is perfect as a gift for Fizz at age 7.

We also got sent a JoJo Siwa hair clip bow. I have seen these popping up on the school playground for months. The bows are pretty hard to miss and all the girls in the playground are really into this bright fashion statement, Fizz included! We usually get ours from Claire’s Accessories where they are around £10 but you can often get them half price in the sale. We have bought Fizz a bow maker for Christmas as we think she’ll love designing her own.

I am sure that Fizz will be sharing her photos on her instagram @happinessprojectuk too!


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