Review // SilverCross Zest First Impressions

We have had a SilverCross Pop for our middle son for a while now and the lovely people at SilverCross sent over Beatlebum (the littlest McCann) the new SilverCross Zest in Aqua to try out on his first few nursery runs! 

We often walk to school and nursery. Getting three children to their settings can’t be difficult. The week we were sent the Zest Jedi was due to have an operation and so in true failure style we didn’t manage much walking to school or nursery. He became quite attached to the buggy when it arrived! 

The Zest is perfect for quick trips and holidays. The main difference we found between the Pop and the Zest were the wheels. They are quite small and lacking suspension. They’re not as easy to bump up and down stairs then it’s big brother version. 

Around Brighton is was easy to push and ideal for naps. Both boys have found it comfy for naptime! Unfortunately Jedi fell asleep on his first snow dog hunt! 

The upside is is lightweight and a smaller fold. Perfect for a my weekly commute to London too. It also has the generous hood seen in the Pop and this is a welome thing for mid afternoon laps when the sun is low. It reclines easily. 

What I love about the Silvercross Zest, RRP £130, is it’s nippy for me as a mum of two small boys (one who wants to be buggy free but needs to be in it and one who needs a snooze or two while on our travels)! Grab a sling for one baby and the other can go in the buggy with minimal fuss. They can climb in theirselves and it’s easy for me to adapt the straps and leg panel depending who is using it. The only thing lacking for me is a cup holder….because I’m guaranteed for the boys to have a nap in the Zest it means I could Zest myself up too!

As with all our buggy reviews we will be back in 6 months to tell you how we are getting on! Check out my Instagram for more regular update! I’m @chellemccann 

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  1. Caroline
    April 2, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    We’re looking at getting either the Pop or Zest but can’t decide! What are the main differences and which do you prefer?! Is there much difference in the the seat sizes?

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