Review // Secret Saviours Anti Stretch Mark Pregnancy Pack

When I was first contacted by Secret Saviours I have to admit I was sceptical about whether or not I needed to worry about stretch marks and the such like third time around. But I loved the idea that they had put together a package which included a bump band as well as lotions to use.

I have pretty much used the bump band since the day it arrived. it does look a bit space with its special little dots but it is actually really comfy and gives a slight lift to my bump. On the days I haven’t used it so far it’s been noticeable in my lower back (which tends to suffer from early on in pregnancy). There are two colours of band and as I usually opt for black I asked them to surprise me and I find that I love the rose colour they sent as it gives a definite bump show off contrast to my usual choice of colours. The special bumps have been also know to prevent stretch marks from forming (although you may have a dotty belly for a short period after taking it off. This purchase alone is worth it for me as it’s just so supportive.

  In the rest of the Secret Saviours Anti Stretch Mark Pack (priced at £69.95) you get a day gel and a night cream. I have only used the night cream so far but I can tell you it smells divine. It absorbs really nicely and leaves no residue or grease feeling. I could honestly smell that smell forever and not get bored. The tube you get would last a good month or so depending how liberal you are with putting it on – I’m addicted so I don’t think it will last me as long.

Overall so far I am really impressed but catch me again in 5 months where I’ll update you after using it over a longer period of time and let’s see if I avoid anymore drawings from the inside.


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