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During May the site will be covering a whole heap of products just for mum. We are so aware that we need to look after ourselves and whether that means a nap in the afternoon or a new product to use in the bathroom we will be focussing on a few lovely new products that will have you feeling great! Today we are featuring Salcura, a range of vegan skincare. Here is what Elizabeth had to say about it:

Antiac daily face wash.

This is a lovely rich face wash which feels smooth, thick and luxurious to use each day. I have been using it in the morning in the shower and it washes well without leaving my skin at all dry, which is pretty impressive in a skin cleanser designed to help with acne and blemishes. It obviously does a great job of washing away the impurities. I have had lovely clear skin while using it, and then as soon as I went away for a few days without it, I got some spots on my chin. If you have slightly oily or combination skin (prone to both spots and dryness) I would definitely recommend giving this a try.


Bioskin Dermaserum

This is an interesting one. The list of natural ingredients is really impressive, with natural oils from sunflower, safflower, grape, sea buckthorn, eucalyptus, tea tree, orange, lavender, olive, almond, rosemary and peppermint. It’s a lovely smooth serum which spreads and soaks in easily. It’s not heavy or greasy at all, and feels kind and nourishing. The only thing I would change is the overpowering nature of the eucalyptus and tea tree. I associate these with medicine and cold remedies, so it’s a little strange putting them on my face every morning. Nevertheless this has nourished my face through the last blasts of a cold winter and my skin is perking up now to face the summer.


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