Review // Rockin Baby Slings

Review // Rockin Baby Slings

As most of you know I love to babywear and am always on the lookout for a new wrap, sling or baby carrier. When Rockin Baby Slings offered to send me a new sling a few months ago I opted for the You Are My Sunshine reversible sling. It’s priced at £59. This is the mid price for this style of sling. I thought the pattern would be perfect for the summer and I wasn’t wrong!

  When it arrived I loved how it was packaged in it’s own little box which fits under the buggy rather than having to fold the sling and pop under. If you don’t want to keep it in the box (or your little one nicks it for a memory box like Fizz did) then it rolls up small enough to fit into a change bag or under your buggy. 

  Facts From Rockin Baby

Fully reversible.

80 inches (203cm) of fabric ideal for covering up when breast feeding.

Both fabrics are made out of soft, luxurious 100% breathable cotton.

A deep zip pocket ideal for keys, a wallet or some extra diapers.

Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low.

Made in the USA.

With every sling purchased we will donate a new sling to a Haitian or Kenyan mother, and educate her on its importance. Mother to Mother.

Now I love this idea! For the cost of 1 sling you are actually buying your own and buying one for a new mum in Haiti or Kenya. This is a really unique idea and one I think parents will appreciate.

The print was lovely and vibrant which is perfect for the summer. You can reverse it to plain black should you wish or if your partner wants something a little bit more plain. I loved the Van Gogh feel to the pattern. 

The sling itself is easy to pop on. You can follow the instructions and fit it correctly to your body. I’ve refitted it to my body as I’m now pregnant (iced used from 12 weeks to 23 weeks!) and as my shape can slightly change from day to day I have been able to easily adapt it.  I have felt comfy using this on the school run and short trips. This style of slings is perfect for pregnant baby wearers as it doesn’t constrict over your bump and you can have it as fitted to you as you feel comfortable.   

 Most recently I took sling to a family wedding and Froglet slept in it during the ceremony and was happy to be carried n it for short periods. He’s now coming up to 1 year old and so can get a little fidgety.

I also took it to wear in between buggy use for Brighton Pride this weekend as long periods in the buggy can get quite boring for a soon to be toddler and of course he wanted to join in all the dancing and singing! 


 Unlike other slings this one has a rather huge pocket on the front which is a very welcome addition. It means I don’t need to carry a bag if I’m just popping out as it can fit a nappy, a smaller pack of wipes, my purse, keys and phone in. The only issue I have is it’s at the bottom of the material and as I am short this pocket is roughly at my knee so I didn’t want to chance the screen of my nifty new iPhone!

We have really enjoyed using this sling and would recommend it to both new and experienced baby wearers. 



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