Review of The Quinny Yezz

We have recently been testing out the Quinny Yezz travel buggy. We had been looking for something with a super small fold that would be easy to carry with us on public transport if we needed to. But that wasn’t all we were looking for!

With two boys (one 3 year old and one 20 month old) the buggy needed to be able to accommodate them both. I needed it to be light so I could hold a walking toddlers hand but also so that when his legs are tired I could babywear the youngest sibling to. As you can see big brother can push it by himself which means it is light and easy to steer!

I needed it to be easy to fold and small enough to carry to a train/taxi. I also needed it to be public transport friendly and to have a solid break for when those running/holding hands/falling over type of toddler moments happen!

It fits easily into buggy spaces and I have been able to quickly fold it down if non are available which has make the school and nursery runs a lot easier! The folding takes a knack but is easy to do one handed while holding a baby in the other arm/on your hip!

I also need it to be washable…two toddlers – needn’t say more really! Well we have wiped it down but have yet popped it in the washing machine! It’s holding up well but the material does hold some marks.

We have managed to take it on a very pebble beach and it was easy to do this as the buggy is so light to carry or a quick fold and carry across too.


The downsides:

No basket

No recline so not suitable under 6 months (our 20 month old looks a bit awkward in it)

Minimal sun shade however we got sent a really good sun shade/hood extender from Summer Infant called the Rayshade which fits perfectly!

Raincover comes separately which I feel should be included in the buggy purchase.

However if you are looking for a simple, stylish and unique buggy that is super easy to fold and great for travel then this does fit the bill.


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