Review // Project MC2 Slumber Party Science Kit

Fizz has been loving watching project MC2 recently. When she was sent the Slumber Party Science Kit she couldn’t;t wait to do experiments like her favourite show.

The kit has 6 experiments all which are to help relax at your slumber party. Fizz and her friend decided to make the perfume, blusher and sugar scrub from the set during half term. The kit was full of reusable elements and we would be able to make some of the products again and again following the instructions.

The instructions were easy for two 8 year olds to read and follow meaning they felt grown up enough to do these themselves with minimal supervisor. The only downs side to the kit is you will need some ingredients in already and we weren’t quite prepared for some of the product making so you’ll need to open up the box before and ensure you have anything else required in to avoid disappointment.

Fizz says: This set is really good. I loved being able to make perfume and blusher with my friends. I found it easy to follow the instructions but the kit did need my mum to get extra ingredients in to complete some of the experiments. I made hair spray, blusher. If you like Project MC2 you will love this kit as it is a chance for you to do some cool experiments just like in the show!

You can watch Project MC2 on Netflix and can grab a slumber party kit from Smyths Toys for £22.49


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