Review // Pregnancy Pilates with Joanna Helcke

It’s been a few months since I was given the log in to my pregnancy pilates with Joanne Helcke.

Each session is tailored to the week of your pregnancy and I am starting at week 33. I’ve had a log in for a few weeks but only managed to log in once. Mainly because I’ve had pregnancy aches and pains that are consistently horrible. But the kids being off over the summer meant I didn’t have much peaceful time to do this especially as evenings tiredness was at a rocket high. You also need a good internet connection for the videos to play so this for me meant evenings were out.

I’m so glad thought I have logged in as this week it’s all about the pelvic floor and posture. Joanne goes through the movements slowly and it’s easy to follow. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and anything I was unsure of doing i watched through to decide first before attempting.

There is a forum (a private facebook group) where you can ask for help or advice. Joanne is also on twitter and is there if you need her. You get reminded of this at each online session too.

Notes are given to you when you log into each section. For example this weeks notes for 33 weeks pregnancy pilates were

  • Now that your finishing line (the birth!) is in sight, you’ll probably have started exploring the huge quantities of baby kit you’ll be needing. It’s amazing how much paraphernalia a tiny human being requires! One of the biggest decisions you’ll be making is what buggy/pram to buy. Having had three children and having had countless mums do my postnatal buggy fitness classes, I know a thing or two about the pros and cons of various buggies, especially if you plan to exercise with your baby in a buggy. So do have a read of my Top Things to Consider When Buying a Buggy before you take the plunge a choose a pram.
  • This week’s filmed workout is great for posture and it also includes pelvic floor exercises – the perfect combination! So have a go at doing the workout 2 or 3 times over the coming days. And remember to choose your favourite music to accompany the workout.
  • Last but not least, keep posting on the forum!
  • As ever, never force yourself to exercise because it feels as if you have to. It’s important to listen to how you are feeling and if you are too tired then rest is what’s needed.

I’ll be updating the blog again next week with week 34 Pregnancy Pilates with Joanna Helcke!

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