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Just before boy bump made an arrival we were sent the Poddle Pod ready for Froglets imminent appearance. We hadn’t bought a Moses basket so the pod seemed great for nap time in our main living space.

Priced at £39.99 the Poddle Pod arrives in a carry bag (perfect for travel) with one cover of your choice. We have the removable cream fleeced design which is super soft and cosey enough for a newborns skin.

During the last 8 weeks this Poddle pod has been used this on a daily basis in our house. It is perfect for daytime naps, those time when you need to grab a new nappy but what baby to feel safe and secure. Most often the pod is next to me on the sofa so Froglet can sleep next to me but I can also grab that elusive cup of hot coffee. It can be easily moved to another surface without disturbing baby who feels cuddled by the raised surrounding cushioning.

This has been a great product for helping make sure baba is safe but also for Fizz too. She loves to lay next to the pod on a big cushion reading to her brother.

The Poddle Pod should definitely be on your pregnancy wish list. It’s very much an essential newborn product that you are sure to get daily use from.

Product Specs – Poddle Pod 

froglet in the poddlepod

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  1. August 2, 2014 / 3:20 pm

    Both of these products look fantastic and I’ll be having an elective section this time around with baby number 2 so definitely gives me some food for thought. Lovely review btw 🙂

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