Review: Playing Housewife

I was offered the chance to trial a Miele Hybrid hoover for three weeks recently. Of course being a bit of a clean freak (well a bit less now with Mini Mc). I jumped at the chance.

The hoover is sleek in black and silver and comes with a range of attachments but what makes this hoover that bit different is that it has a battery pack inside so once charged you won’t be tripping over leads, it is more portable to use to clean out the car or in my case I even tried it out on my balcony to get rid of the cobwebs.

The hoover itself is easy to use and you can increase/decrease the suction on it. This was great for us as we have started to give Mini Mc finger foods which often get thrown all over. The suction increase was also great for picking up cat hair and I managed to clean my sofa of all fluff.

The only problem I can forsee anyone having is the weight of the hoover. This is its only downside and of course this is probably down to the battery pack.

The Miele Hybrid has an RRP of £499. It is available in most electrical and appliance stores such as Comet and Curries, or via the online Miele store: or even visiting one of the specialist Miele centres. Full details can be found here:

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