Review // Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser

Over the last few months Paw Patrol has become a daily netflix feature in our house. Both boys love the 20 minute long programme and so when we were offered the change to review a few toys well of course we said ‘No job is too small’.

We were sent the Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser (£44.99) and a couple fo additional mini figures and cars (£9.99 each). The Boys were so excited to see Zuma and Chase.

The boys got the hang of the launch pad almost immediately. Storing their figures and cars in the Mission Crusier and then laughing like crazy when they launched them! They also love the interactive cards and noises that come with each character as well.

I loved seeing the boys playing with this and emulating things they’d seen in episodes they love (we currently watch the Christmas one from series 1 on repeat!) which shows how much these characters have impacted on them. The premise of the show is about being brave and supporting one another. We have had a few squabbles though but mostly they’re too into chasing each other and saving the day!

The toys are robustly built too which is great as one of the boys has tried to use Mission Cruiser as a ride along – obviously don’t try that at home – so it does show how well made the toys are.

Towards the back of the Cruiser is another flap where you can choose to store your cards and also the little figures. I love this feature as there have been so many times where we have lost a small part of a favourite toy. This means at the end of the day we can pack it all up in one place and not worry we have lost anything or it getting mixed in with other toy boxes.

The new Paw Patrol Mission Paw episodes are currently on Nick Jr and you can catch watch some old favourites on Netflix.


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