Review // Okido Which Way Coding Game

During National Coding Week it seemed only right to share our latest review. The Okido Which Way game introduces little ones to coding skills.

I set the game up for the 2 boys (my boys are 3 and 5 – the age range of this game is 4-8). The smallest loves figuring things out and numbers so this game was right up this street.

The game encourages the boys to use the wheel to find the start place and destination. Then they have to figure out how best to get there. It can be somewhat difficult as the roller tyre over the 4 wheels comes off easily and a crease where the board has folded from being into the box. However this didn’t stop them laughing and figuring out other ways for the car to use the board.

This kit would be a great starter coding kit, however I do think that there need to be some tweaks to the board storage so it doesn’t crease and car wheel trim to stay on. It would be great to either have extra tiles or be able to purchase additional especially for the younger kids to make longer tracks for the car to travel along.

Overall though it made the kids happy and stretched their mind! And that is what counts!

This game is £30 which I think would be great once the tweaks are made!


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