Review: No tray high chair

The no tray high chair is a great little high chair, already well known by it’s presence in many a child friendly restaurant environment.

We’ve been trying this chair out and within in week it’s won us over. The chair is solid wood and sturdy. It feels safe.

The chair was really easy to put together with the allen key provided.

On making the high chair it does look quite low and I was concerned that it make not be high enough for our dinner table, yet this was deceptive and it was a perfect fit for our table and Fizz’s meal was in easy reach for her. It was also great to start her playing at the table.

The actual use of the chair has been limited for us, mainly as Fizz has her evening meal at nursery. When we have used it it’s felt easier to place her in, it’s not too restrictive compared to her usual high chair. Roomy for her and to be fair it is her comfort at the table that can make or break dinner time. She obviously is much comfier in the NTHC compared to her usual dinner chair.

The colourful beads on the front panel are a welcome addition when she is distracted. It would be easier to attached any kind of bar toy to the chair if you needed to create a more fun experience around the dinner table but we found that due to it’s simple design the high chair was perfect for the usage we need from it.

The thing that I found really great about the chair is that it will grow as Fizz gets older. The barrier bar and beads can be removed to make room for a growing Fizz so saves the cost of buying a booster seat.

The only thing that I’d like for the company to do are to provide a range of colourful (similar to the beads) padded insert for additional comfort.

At £75 it’s in the middling price bracket for Highchairs but it’s a name brand and with that comes security.

It’s also provided our Fizz with a stable support for standing and walking but that’s another fun blog altogether!

You can find out more about the No Tray High Chair at Scandinavian Selection.

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