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I’ve been trying to step up my fitness levels. As a mum running around after 3 children with various drop offs, pick ups and then fitting into as many working from home hours as possible it feels like there hasn’t really been any time to step up the fitness and firm up the mum tum I have left over from 3 pregnancies and 3 emergency cesarean sections. When you’re 2 year old wobbles and shouts wobble wobble wobble at you, well it’s funny but also it’s time now to be thinking about myself as well as the kids.

Knowing this Myleene’s PR team contacted me and asked if i would give My Body By Myleene a go. It wasn’t sold to me a a diet/fitness dvd but as a simple routine a mum can fit into a busy lifestyle when she is ready to. You commit to a 12 week programme and the workouts range from 15 minutes to 30 with a plan to incorporate these workouts into 4 days a week (or more if you choose). I loved the idea of short fast workouts at the beginning of my day and committing to a schedule also felt easy to pop into my routine. The fact is we all know if it can’t fit around family life then we won’t do it or we will let it slip. Anything a mum does just for her has to slip easily into an already manic schedule.

So I did the first workout 3 weeks ago now. Guttingly I then has strep throat and was wiped out for over 2 weeks while sorting my health back out and ready to start again. So this week I am committing to starting week 1 again.

The first workout was a bit of a boxercise style, it almost felt like a dance routine doing this DVD (there are 3 sections in total and a sandbell in the box – isn’t it fab when you aren’t sold all the extras seperately!). I loved that it felt simple to do and gradually built up over the 30 minutes. The DVD felt down to Earth with the chat aimed at mamas rather than fitness enthusiasts. I loved this as so often fitness DVDS can feel a bit bland but you do feel like this is more on a level with the viewer.

I am really looking for ward to updating you with my stats and how I am feeling over the next 12 weeks! Wish me luck!

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I was sent MyBody by Myleene in exchange for this review however all views are my own.

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