Review // Monster High Honey Swamp Doll

Every month Fizz is lucky enough to either receive an Ever After High or Monster High doll. This Month Fizz got one of her favourite Monster High characters Honey Swamp!

We first came across Honey Swamp early this year in her role as a cinematographer in one of the films. Fizz loved her hair and roller skates.

Fizz says ‘ I love her blue hair and her necklace. She’s a lovely person.’


Fizz has been sitting watching films with her since we lost her arms on a trip last weekend! Unfortunately they didn’t spookily climb back! However it’s not stopped play at all and Honey was Fizzs afternoon movie pal this weekend.

Priced at around £13 ( but a RRP of £19.99) the cost of Honey is equivalent to other such dolls and I do feel good value for Fizz as she adores the characters and at 5 is around the right age for this type of toy. 

With each doll you get two accessories as well as their outfit. Fizz likes collecting the character cards in each package too. A perfect companion for spooky films this Halloween! 

A little more about Freak Du Chic

Join the Monster High™ ghouls when they have to rally to save the school dance, ultimate skel-ebration of monster mania, the Freak du Chic™ dance. Meet new characters Honey Swamp™, Jinafire Long™, Frankie Stein™ and Toralei™ are all dressed in over-the-top circus-inspired fashions and are ready to grab the spooky spotlight as typical circus performers! All dolls come with to die-for shoes and uhhhh-mazing accessories to complete their totally killer look and a Freak du Chic poster so you can really get into the circus spirit!

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