Review // Micro Motorz

With summer holidays looming it can feel such a push on the purse strings. It’s a good time to maybe thing about how to include the kids in earning some of the money you will inevitable spend on them anyway..

We have set a chores list and even for the littlest member (3.5 years old) we have rewards and chores! From putting away his shoes, brushing teeth and all the little easy collect this, put that away etc. As a surprise at the end of each week he gets to spend a little pocket money or grab something from the toy bag we have with little treats.

One such thing in our treat bag are a set of Micro Motorz blind bags. We were lucky enough to be sent these at the beginning of the summer holiday and so each week Beatlebum and his brother will be able to pick a new collectable vehicle from the bag of surprises.

Each bag has a sticker when you open it to show what team your on. This is perfect for my two boys as it builds the tension to race each other with their car. Next you get a tool which works with your car and then a second chamber will have a cool new accessory. In chamber 3 you get to find out which cool car is your drive! Are you ready to race? Turn your display capsule into a launcher and 3,2,1 goooooo.

The boys have had to enlist the help of their older sister to help them launch their cars as they are a bit fiddly for smaller hands but that does not stop them whizzing their cars around and playing races with each other.

These are perfect for a pocket money gift or a school friends birthday (we have a limit of £5 for each school friends gift). They are perfect for on the go playing as well. Which one would you like to get?

Available from all good supermarkets and toy retailers at £4.99 for children ages 3+. We’ve got 2 packets of Micro Motorz to give away! Head over to @chellemccann on Instagram to find out how!


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