Review // Mickey Mouse Roadster Garage

As a child I loved Mickey Mouse and it’s something I have shared with the children. I mean it’s come a long way with TV programmes now with Disney having their own channel and of course They Might be Giants singing Hot Dog. So when we got sent the Mickey Mouse Roadster Garage to play with I am not sure who was more excited….

It took a good 20 minutes to get the Roadster Garage up and running and it was fiddly in places. Jedi, aged 3, tried to help me which may explain why it took so long! He loves it though and has loved racing the cars around.

Ideally the cars would be a one piece – they have an element of putting together and pulling apart –  but it hasn’t stopped us playing with them. Some of the pieces are quite small/bendy (the flags and tools) which has meant we have made sure they are hidden from the 20 month old when we have played. So far though it has survived a good amount of play and bashing from both toddlers!

The set comes with all you need to run a race and a Mickey Mouse figure. I think as an addition a second character would be nice so siblings can race against each other.

It’s an ideal gift for a Mickey Mouse fan, I would say aged 3 is a good suitability for the toy as it gave us a few hours of play in our first session using it!

The Mickey Mouse Roadster Garage retails at £49.99 and is available and


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