Review: MAM weaning kit

This week we recieved a MAM weaning kit which I’ll be reviewing along with my twitter and reviewer friend Luke.I’ve decided that it would be really lovely to have a daddy view on babies and mealtimes.

We’ve tested these products for about a week now and here is how Mini Mc got on.

The bib was colourful, can be reversed from patterned to pink and very practical it has a handy pocket at the bottom.

I couldn’t believe how useful this pocket was. The bib didn’t stain easily and did us for a few meals before it needed washing.

We used the 6 month plus bottle and this was easy to use and clean. The spout was inbetween a bottle and a spout and was quite chewy. It had removeable handles which baby found easy to grab. The colour didn’t fade after a weeks worth of cold water sterilising.

We also used the teething ring which incorporated a rattle. This was our favourite piece. It kept Mini Mc entertained for ages as she was able to chew and shake!

As MIni Mc has upgraded to two teeth we are starting to encourage her with the toothbrush, so far the hand to mouth co-ordination is improving and as much has she has chewed it the bristles have stayed intact!

You can find out more on MAM uk products at

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