Review: Maclaren Quest in the snow

So the recent cold weather has proved another test in our ‘Quest’ to find the perfect buggy.

I really wondered how well we’d do in the snow and so the nursery run (which is either downhill/uphill depending on which way) was a perfect way to test the stability in the snow.

The buggy handled well uphill, the wheels seemed to grip the pavement and I never lost control. It wasn’t a struggle to push at all. The fabric kept Miss Fizz waterproof and we used the raincover as a snow and wind barrier and she seemed happy in her little greenhouse environment. Daddy did say it was a bit more difficult downhill – the slippy non gritted street was not a great terrain.

I did think that Miss Fizz’s Mothercare Foot Muff wasn’t the most appropriate cosytoes for this kind of weather. Fine for cold but not for freezing weather I boosted it with a Maclaren seat liner and made sure she had lots of layers on.

Mamma’s hands did not fair so well, forgetting gloves was a big mistake and even the over thumb covers from my snow jacket didn’t do the world of good!

Now I’ll be searching for the perfect buggy friendly gloves.

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